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Part Two - Guys in White Pants
(in order) Andy Gibb was the king of white pants - dress, jean and spandex. Shaun Cassidy sporting the quintessential mid-’70s thin, tight white jeans. And Shaun again in white overalls (yes, they count). It was rare to get Matt Dillon in anything other than blue jeans, so this was a sweet moment of triumph. Before Billy Squier killed his career with the Rock Me Tonight video, he was hot in white pants. Iggy Pop fixing to shed some white pants. Cheap Trick (or Robin Zander & Tom Petersson, specifically) gave good white pant. The gatefold to their Dream Police LP about gave me a heart attack. Early on, Van Halen did the white pants up righteously. And Paul Newman!

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    Good times, good times.
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    Anyone else think he looks like Heath Ledger in the top left pic?
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